Group Programs in Eltville, Walluf and Kiedrich

The city of Eltville and its neighbouring towns Walluf and Kiedrich offer an attractive choice of day programs that can be individually arranged. It includes walking tours, wine tastings, horse carriage rides, guided cruises, vineyard hikes and more.

Special programs for children, senior citizens and handicapped guests are also available. Upon request our professional guides will accompany you in languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish.

For reservations please contact the tourist-information: 
phone +49 6123 9098-0 or 9098-35
fax +49 6123 9098-90

Walking tours (in German language) through the historic Old Town begin every Saturday at 3:00 p.m. at the Electoral Castle, in front of the tourist-information.
From May through October, 4 euros per person, no registration required


Guided Walking Tours in English (and further languanges on request):

1 | Eltville's Historical Old Town

Stroll through the idyllic Old Town of the wine, Sekt (sparkling wine) and rose city of Eltville, characterized by its harmonic juxtaposition of half-timbered structures, picturesque homes of the upper class and magnificent aristocratic estates as well as one of the most beautiful promenades on the banks of the Rhine in the entire Rheingau region.

Duration:            1.5 or 2 hours
Price per Group:  70 euros or 85 euros

2 | The Electors' Castle

Enjoy a tour through the castle tower as well as through the extensive gardens of Eltville's historic landmark dating back to the 14th century and discover the diverse rooms: from the dungeon to the count's hall, from the Gutenberg exhibit and our small "Alta Villa" museum to  your individual ascent to the upper-level platform offering you an impressive view over Eltville and the Rheingau region.

Duration:            1 hour
Price per Group:  55 euros + entrance fee to the castle tower

3 | In Gutenberg's Footsteps

Eltville is one of the oldest printing sites in the world. The "black art" made its entrance already during the lifetime of Henne Gensfleisch, historically known as Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type for the printing press. Gutenberg helped the Bechtermünz brothers print a Latin dictionary that was published in Eltville in 1467. He received the only honor of his lifetime in the Electors' Castle in the year 1465 when the title of nobleman was conferred on him by the elector Adolf of Nassau. During this tour you will search for traces of Gutenberg and, in doing so, will learn interesting facts about his life and work.

Duration:            1.5 hours
Price per Group:  70 euros

Also bookable including a visit to the Gutenberg exhibit in the Electors' Castle (maximum 20 persons):
Duration:            2 hours
Price per Group:  85 euros + entrance fee to the castle tower

4 | Eltville - Rose City

Already at the end of the 19th century Eltville was much talked about as a "rose city." Today over 22,000 rose bushes in 350 different varieties, many of them rarities and vintage species, bloom in the rose garden of the electors' castle and on public grounds. If you would like to learn more about the history of Eltville and its roses, you can accompany us through the Old Town to the rose gardens along the banks of the Rhine, past pergola beds and on to the electors' castle with its rose beds. You'll be impressed by the fragrant sea of blossoms. (The main flowering season is from May through July.)

Duration:              1.5 hours
Price per Group:    70 euros

5 | Old Town Tour with Sekt

Begin your tour with a zesty aperitif or enjoy a glass of Sekt (sparkling wine) after your classic Old Town tour while lingering within the historical walls / ruins of the Electors' Castle (minimum 10 persons).

Duration:            2 hours
Price per Group:  85 euros (plus 11.90 euros preparation flat-rate and 20 euros per bottle sparkling wine)

6 | Wine and Walk

A guided walking tour through the historic Old Town of Eltville including a tasting of three wines from local wineries (minimum 5 persons).

Duration:            1.5 hours
Price per Group:  70 euros (plus 10 euros per person for the wine-tasting and a souvenir glass)

7 | The Gothic Wine Village of Kiedrich

Visit Kiedrich and its impressive St. Valentine's Basilica Minor, constructed in the 14th century. Its organ dates back to the year 1510 and is one of the oldest functioning organs in Germany. Upon request an organ concert can be arranged (maximum 30 persons).

Duration:            1.5 or 2 hours
Price per Group:  85 or 95 euros (plus 50 euros for the organ concert and 40 euros entrance fee to the church)

8 | Rheingau Vineyard Hike

An entertaining tour through famous vineyards surrounding Eltville's city center. Learn why the Riesling wines from the Rheingau region are world-renowned and why they prosper so well here, and discover why the Pinot Noir wines from the Rheingau are becoming so popular. If requested, the tour guide can include a wine-tasting with three wines (minimum 5 persons).

Duration:             3 hours
Price per Group:  120 euros (plus 10 euros per person for the wine-tasting and a souvenir glass)

9 | Wine Experience in the Steinbergkeller

Tradition meets Modernity
The Steinberg Wine Cellars of the Hessian State Wineries, today Germany's largest winery, lies within the once favorite vineyard of the Cistercian monks of the Eberbach Monastery. A wine tour through these cellars is a special experience. The alliance of the historic Steinberg vineyard with its state-of-the-art wine cellars, which are harmoniously integrated within the surrounding cultural landscape, is unparalleled. Here you will experience everything about the process of wine-making – from the grape to the bottle. The expert tour through the cellars will be accompanied by three top-class wines from the best vineyards.

Duration:            1 hour
Price per Group:  65 euros
Entrance Fee:     13 euros per person (includes the wine-tasting)

10 | Horsepower Fun & Food

Horse carriage ride through the vineyards, fields and meadows of the Rheingau region, including a basket of snacks and a tasting of 3 wines (minimum 5 persons)

Duration:                3 hours
Price per Person:     40 euros
English speaking tour guide: 120 euros (optional)

Please note: The carriage driver does not speak English. If you would like an English speaking escort, please also book a tour guide for the ride.

| The Rheingau, as you like it

You can enjoy the Rheingau region on foot, by bike, by bus or on board a Rhine River cruise ship. Our tour guide will arrange a memorable day for your group, tailored to your individual needs.

Examples: Hiking on the famous "Rheinsteig" trail; an excursion to various Rheingau monasteries; a bus tour with stops in Kiedrich, Vollrads Castle, Johannisberg Castle or Rüdesheim.

Duration and price depend upon destination and route.

1 hour:    55 euros per group
2 hours:  100 euros per group
plus transportation costs, longer tours are available upon request



Köln-Düsseldorfer (KD)
Scheduled cruises on board the Köln-Düsseldorfer (KD) fleet leave from the KD pier in Eltville. Schedules, tickets and group reservations are available in the tourist-information office in Eltville and –shortly before departure- directly at the pier.
Further information at

Cruises around the nature preserve island “Mariannenaue"

Departure from the municipal pier near Crass Castle in Eltville.
From Easter Sunday through September every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Duration approximately one hour, stopovers during the cruise can be arranged.
Further Information:  Charterliner Van de Lücht, phone +49 6723 4437, Internet:

Cruise from Eltville to Rüdesheim on board the “Primus-Linie†
From May through October every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Departs from the municipal pier near Crass Castle in Eltville.
Further information at, E-Mail:

Charter Cruises
Cruise line „Personenschifffahrt Nikolay“, phone +49 6139 378, Internet:

Eltville for kids and families

Eltville has a lot to offer for children and families.  

„Children discover Eberbach Monastery“
Guided tour for children from age six to twelve. Duration approx. 1 hour.

Family City Run
A moderate and fun athletic challenge offering different routes and distances in the Old Town and along the river. Every year in September. Runners of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

For family activities in the entire Rheingau Region go to


Eltville’s heated public outdoor pool is located on Erbacher Straße 22 and is open from May into September. Relax on the lawn, take a refreshing dive into the water and enjoy the beautiful river view.

Opening hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
All other days 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (last admission 7:30 p.m.)

Entrance fee:
Adults 4 Euro
Children 6 - 17 years 2 Euro

Early bird: 6.30 bis 8.30 a.m.: 2.50 Euro
Late admission from 5 p.m.: 2,50 Euro

For further information call +49 6123 81276.


Experience the first rate hiking trail “Rheinsteig", wander through Eltville’s idyllic forest or explore the numerous scenic trails through the vineyards. Whatever your needs - the tourist-information office will be happy to provide detailed information, material and maps.

Fairs, Festivals, Events

One festival or wine market follows another. The Sekt- und Biedermeierfest (“Sparkling Wine and Biedermeier Festival") along the Rhine promenade, the Kappeskerb und Weinlesefest (Wine Harvest Festival) in the fall, and the Erdbeerfest (“Strawberry Festival") in the idyllic heart of Erbach are the major events in this category. They are complemented by the smaller Winzerfeste (vintners' markes) in the villages of Hattenheim, Martinsthal, and Rauenthal. Whatever occasion you choose, you will experience the region’s welcoming charm, joy, and hospitality.

Eltville's beautiful historic buildings and locations set the stage for concerts, theater and cabaret performances in a truly unique ambiance. The Burghofspiele, the classical concerts in Kloster Eberbach, and the Rheingau Music Festival are just a few examples of cultural highlights that inspire their audience through an incomparable atmosphere.

Click here to find all festivals dates and locations.


At and you find a list of Eltville's shops and businesses. Downtown Shopping is fun when strolling through the cobblestone alleys and the pedestrian zone. Whether you are looking for small shops with an individual choice of goods and services or large grocery markets, discounters, a drugstore, small deli shops - Eltville has everything you need. The cozy gift shop in the historical Electoral castle is open daily and offers a nice selection of souvenirs and presents, books, toys and more.


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