Das bronzerne Biedermeierpaar im Sonnenscheint zwischen blühenden Rosen.

Contact and Directions

Contact & Directions


For further assistance and brochures please contact the Tourist-Information. It is located in the tower of the Electoral Castle.

Visitor Center in the Electoral Castle
Burgstraße 1
65343 Eltville am Rhein
Phone +49 6123 9098-0
Fax +49 6123 9098-90
Email: touristik@eltville.de

Opening hours of the Tourist-Information and gift shop in the castle tower
April through October:

Daily 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

November through March:
Daily 11 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

You are welcome to visit the tower. Climb up 123 steps to the viewing platform which offers a beautiful view over Rhine River and Old Town – on your way up take a look into the different museum rooms. Then descend down to the dungeon where allegedly once prisoners were held captive.

Tickets are available in the tourist-information.

Admission to the tower:
Adults: 3.50 Euro
Children up to 11 years: free
Children from 12 years, students, handicapped: 2.50 Euro


Eltville is located at the North bank of the Rhine River, 12 km West of Wiesbaden at the Western edge of the Rhein Main Metropolitan Area. You can recach the city of wine, sparkling wine and roses by public transport, by car, by boat, and by bike.

In the entire Rhein Main traffic network it is possible to take along your bike when boarding buses and trains (subject to availability).

  • Train and bus

    Mainz and Wiesbaden main stations have ICE speed train service and can be reached easily from all regions in Germany. From Mainz you can take the S-Bahn to Wiesbaden (takes approx. 15 minutes). From Wiesbaden there is a direct bus connection to Eltville (approx. 40 minutes) as well as fast train rides (regional train VIAS, approx. 15 minutes). This train stops in Eltville, as well as in the suburbs Erbach and Hattenheim, on its way from Frankfurt to Neuwied. Passengers from the Ruhr area can board this train in Koblenz and reach Eltville directly.

    For detailed timetables please go to Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

  • Car

    The Rhein Main Region is a centrally located traffic hub of the German highway network. You can reach Frankfurt / Main easily from all directions, then take A 66 westbound (direction Rüdesheim) to get straight to Eltville.

    Please note (effective until 2024): Due to the current highway bridge closure in Wiesbaden it is not possible to drive directly from Frankfurt to Eltville. The detour through the city of Wiesbaden requires a longer travel time.

    If you take the A60 from Koblenz, we recommend to cross the Rhine river by taking the the car ferry in Bingen or Ingelheim.

  • Nearby airports

    Frankfurt / Main airport is located 60 km from Eltville. Trains operate frequently to Wiesbaden, from Wiesbaden main station there is a bus and train service to Eltville.

    Frankfurt / Hahn airport is approx. a 90-minute car ride away. If you prefer public transporation you may take the airport bus to Mainz and continue to Wiesbaden, then to Eltville.

  • Boat

    There are several ways to reach Eltville by boat, for example the daily scheduled service from Mainz to Rüdesheim via Eltville. Different cruise lines offer leisure tours and excursions. Find more information here:

  • Parking city center

    There is a parking garage in the city center as well as several parking lots around the center, all in walking distance. We recommend to use these parking options since street parking downtown is difficult to find and subject to a time limit or a fee.

    P1 Parking Kilianscenter / shopping center (City Center / Old Town)
    Navigation: 50°01'32.1"N 8°06'59.4"E (Roßpfad 1)
    Capacity: 390 vehicles
    Fees: free for the first 60 minutes
    Walking distance: City Center / historic Old Town 1 minute, Rhine River Promenade 4 minutes, Electoral Castle 9 minutes

    P2 Parkplatz Weinhohle (Old Town / Electoral Castle)
    Navigation: 50°01'41.2"N / 8°07'26.5"E (Weinhohle)
    Capacity: 180 vehicles (cars, busses, mobile homes)
    Fees: free of charge and unlimited
    Walking distance: Train / Public bus station 2 minutes, City Center / historic Old Town 4 minutes, Rhine River Promenade 8 minutes, Electoral Castle 6 minutes

    P2 offers free and unlimited parking for coaches
    Directions to P2:
    Coming from A66 take exit Walluf, pass through Walluf, Wallufer Straße, Eltville Ost. This route is recommended for large coaches. The other option is A 66, exit Eltville West, then Erbacher Straße and Rheingauer Straße.
    Coaches may stop shortly at the central bus station (platform B) next to the train station for boarding and unboarding (Bahnhofstraße).

    P3 Parking Rhine River

    Navigation: 50°01'18.3"N 8°06'38.9"E
    Capacity: 200 Plätze vehicles
    Fees: free of charge and unlimited
    Walking distance: Leinpfad 1 minute, City Center / historic Old Town 8 minute, Rhine River Promenade 4 minutes, Electoral castle 10 minutes

    P4 Parking Public Outdoor Pool

    Navigation: 50°01'21.2"N 8°06'34.4"E (Erbacher Straße 22)
    Capacity: 260 vehicles
    Fees: free of charge and unlimited
    Walking distance: Leinpfad 1 minute, Erbach 5 minutes, City Center / historic Old Town 10 minutes, Rhine River Promenade 6 minutes, Electoral Castle 15 minutes
    Fee: Free of charge and unlimited
    Please note: During summer months this parking lot is used by pool visitors.